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October 29, 1939: Tinkering with Fall Gelb

Sunday October 29 1939

October 29 1939 Lithuania Vilnius
Vilnius, Lithuania. 29 October 1939. Lithuanian soldiers parade though Vilnius, as citizens throw flowers and display the Lithuanian flag.
Western FrontOctober 29, 1939, is a quiet day at the Front, but not behind the scenes. The British are moving artillery into a position to support their BEF troops.

Hitler moves his command post to Godesberg.

Battle of the Atlantic: U-34 (Kapitänleutnant Wilhelm Rollmann) torpedoes the 7,976-ton British freighter Malabar off Land's End, England. Five crew perish, 70 survive.

The Kriegsmarine authorizes attacks on passenger ships in convoys. These liners have been, for the most part, converted to military purposes and are being used by the Allies as troop transports.

Convoy OA 27 departs from Scotland, OB 27 departs from Liverpool, and HG 5 departs from Gibraltar.

German Military:  The OKH tinkers with its Fall Gelb plan. It aims the main thrust slightly south and weakens the right hook through Holland. The best brains in the Wehrmacht are working on this issue, which remains unresolved. This is an interim plan. General Gerd von Rundstedt, in particular, feels the plan is too obvious, and some more junior officers such as his deputy von Manstein are vocal about putting the main thrust to the south, through the Ardennes forest considered unsuitable for tanks. Hitler favors this view as well, but for a change, he is being diplomatic with his Generals and allowing the process to proceed without simply ordering the result that he prefers.

Heinrich Himmler takes over his duties as director of colonization in Poland.

Switzerland: Federal elections are won by the Free Democratic Party.

Latvia: Soviet troops are coming to occupy bases per agreement.

Ukraine: The National Assembly asks the USSR to annex occupied Poland.

Lithuania: Troops parade through newly acquired Vilnius.

Italy: The fascist government inaugurates the new town of Pomezia. It is on reclaimed land from the Pontine Marshes near Rome. Pomezia is populated by poor peasants of Romagna, Veneto, and Friuli.

Iran: Reza Shah appoints Matin Daftari as Prime Minister. He presents his cabinet of ministers to the Iranian Parliament (Majlis). Daftari is a German sympathizer.

China: The US military attaché reports that Chinese morale is low and that 100,000 Chinese are serving as Huang Hsieh Chun (Imperial Assisting Troops). Chiang Kai-Shek, meanwhile, opens a conference to plan a Chinese winter offensive.

October 29 1939 Chiang Kai-Shek
Chiang Kai-Shek and Madame Kai-Shek. Chiang is planning a winter offensive on 29 October 1939.

October 1939

October 1, 1939: Occupation of Warsaw
October 2, 1939: Hel Peninsula Falls
October 3, 1939: The Diamantis Incident
October 4, 1939: Otto Kretschmer Gets Rolling
October 5, 1939: Polish Resistance Ends
October 6, 1939: Hitler Peace Effort
October 7, 1939: The British Have Arrived
October 8, 1939: First RAF Kill from UK
October 9, 1939: "City of Flint" Incident
October 10, 1939: Lithuania Under Pressure
October 11, 1939: The Atomic Age Begins
October 12, 1939: England Rejects Hitler's Peace Offer
October 13, 1939: Charles Lindbergh Speaks Out
October 14 1939: Royal Oak Sunk
October 15, 1939: Cuban Rockets
October 16, 1939: First Aircraft Shot Down Over UK
October 17, 1939: Marshall Mannerheim Returns
October 18, 1939: Prien Receives His Award
October 19, 1939: Preliminary Plan for Fall Gelb
October 20, 1939: Hitler Grapples with the Jews
October 21, 1939: Hurricanes to the Rescue!
October 22, 1939: Goebbels Lies Through His Teeth
October 23, 1939: Norway the Center of Attention
October 24, 1939: German "Justice" Gets Rolling
October 25, 1939: Handley Page Halifax Bomber First Flies
October 26, 1939: Jozef Tiso Takes Slovakia
October 27, 1939: King Leopold Stands Firm
October 28, 1939 - First Luftwaffe Raid on Great Britain
October 29, 1939: Tinkering with Fall Gelb
October 30, 1939: Defective Torpedoes
October 31, 1939: Molotov Issues an Ultimatum


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