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October 26, 1939: Jozef Tiso Takes Slovakia

Sunday 26 October 1939

October 26 1939 worldwartwo.filminspector.com Jozef Tito Slovakia
Slovakian Prime Minister Jozef Tiso.
Battle of the Atlantic: The Soviet government on 26 October 1939 protests Great Britain's right to stop and detain Soviet merchant ships bound for Germany. Great Britain and the Soviet Union, of course, are not at war. The Soviets also challenge the expansive definitions of "contraband" the British are applying. In fact, several nations are casting a leery eye at the British over this heavy-handed practice, but few are in a position to protest.

Perhaps coincidentally echoing the Soviet protest on the same day, US Consul at Gibraltar William E. Chapman informally questions the British officials there about their detainment practices regarding US-flagged ships. Some of the ships are being detained for lengthy periods and having their cargo removed before release. In addition, US mail is not being delivered to the Continent.

Murmansk authorities (no doubt in communication with Moscow) are mulling over what to do with the City of Flint. The German prize crew remains in detention. The Soviet issues with the British over detentions of neutral vessels may be affecting this vaguely similar issue, too.

The U-16, lost yesterday, washes up on Goodwin Sands with 50 crew dead inside.

US freighter Black Eagle is detained by the British.

Convoy OB 25 departs from Liverpool. Convoy OG 4 forms.

Western Front: Nothing much going on between occasional meetings between patrols and lackluster artillery exchanges.

Population Transfers: Berlin confirms that Hitler wishes to "return" ethnic Germans to the Reich, a program that has been in place for some time.

Australian Propaganda: An Australian radio station begins beaming anti-German content.

Poland: Hans Frank becomes the Governor-General of occupied Poland, with his headquarters in Krakow.

Rhodesia: The Southern Rhodesia Air Force (SRAF) offers to contribute three air squadrons to British defense.

Iran: Ahmad Matin-Daftari becomes Prime Minister.

Finland: The Finnish government seeks Swedish support in their diplomatic battle against the Soviets.

Slovakia: Jozef Tiso, until now Prime Minister, becomes President of Slovakia. Tiso, a priest, is also a fervent German sympathizer. He appoints Vojtech Tuka, a fellow right-wing radical who formed the Hlinka Guard paramilitary force in Slovakia, to replace him as Prime Minister. Slovakia may now be considered a German satellite.

China: Claire Chennault returns to San Francisco to tour aircraft factories as he continues reorganizing the Chinese air force.

Japanese combined arms operations against Lanchow, with some 100 planes attacking.

Holocaust: Jewish males between 14 and 60 years of age are forced to perform manual labor in Poland.

American Homefront: President Roosevelt is quoted in the New York Herald Tribune Forum, October 26, 1939:
“The United States of America, as I have said before, is neutral and does not intend to get involved in war.”
October 26 1939 worldwartwo.filminspector.com Goodwin Sands
Goodwin Sands at low tide. At normal times, it is several meters below sea level.

October 1939

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