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October 14, 1939: Royal Oak Sunk

Saturday 14 October 1939

14 October 1939 Royal Oak
HMS Royal Oak (British government photo).
Battle of the Atlantic: At 01:30 on 14 October 1939, U-47 (Kplt Guenther Prien) weasels its way into Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands, the main fleet base of the Royal Navy and one of the most secure places on earth. It is one of the most audacious operations of the war, and Prien is presented with a plethora of targets. He chooses the Battleship Royal Oak and sends seven torpedoes into it. Down it goes when three torpedoes strike it, sending it down amidst the sunken hulks of the German battlefleet from World War I. Some 833 men die (including Rear Admiral Henry Blagrove) and 414 survive among the 1200-man crew.

After an investigation, it is revealed that there is a 50-foot gap in the net over Kirk Sound. The Royal Fleet changes its location to Loch Ewe.

The Polish submarine Orzel has been at sea for almost a month after escaping from Estonian detention. It now completes its journey to the British Isles.

Southwest of Ireland, British destroyers HMS Inglefield, Ivanhoe and Intrepid sink U-45 (Kapitänleutnant Alexander Gelhaar). The crew perishes. This is after U-45 sank two members of Convoy KJF-3, the French Bretagne and the British Lochavon.

The Deutschland continues its extended raid in the Atlantic, sinking the 1,918-ton Norwegian freighter Lorentz W. Hansen 420 miles east of Newfoundland.

The British detain the US freighter Scanstates in the Orkney Islands, and the freighter Exporter at Gibraltar. The French detain the US freighter Nashaba at Le Havre.

Western Front: French Commander-in-chief General Gamelin issues an order of the day predicting a German attack "at any moment."

Finland: The country mobilizes its military as the Finnish delegation to Moscow returns to Helsinki. Finnish proposals for a land swap so that the USSR can get the territory it wants north of Leningrad have been rejected.

The Finns have 340,000 men in ten divisions and accompanying units, a formidable force that is expert in winter weather.

Italy: A new ambassador is sent to London, Signor Bastianini.

British Military Intelligence: Having brought over two copies of the Enigma machine, Polish cryptanalysts resume their efforts to break the German ciphers in France.

Population Transfers: Ethnic Germans in Latvia begin sailing to the Reich.

American Homefront: There is great umbrage taken by various constituencies in the United States at the sharp America First radio address by Charles Lindbergh on 13 October.

China: at Changsha, Japanese forces of the 11th Army withdraw to their starting points on both the eastern flank (101st and 106th divisions) and the center of the line (33rd Division).

Future History: Ralph Lauren is born in the Bronx, New York.

14 October 1939 Royal Oak
The Royal Oak today.

October 1939

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