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February 2, 1940: Soviet Assaults at Summa

Friday 2 February 1940

2 February 1940 Admiral Graf Spee 10.5 cm gun
Starboard 10.5 cm/65 mounting on Admiral Graf Spee, with 2 cm mounting in the foreground. Photograph was taken on 2 February 1940 by Ensign Richard D. Sampson, USN. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 50959.
Winter War Army Operations: The Soviets on 2 February 1940 continue their massive bombardment of the Finnish Mannerheim Line, along with probing attacks all along the line. They send a special assault squad against the Millionaire bunker, which captures it. The Soviets affix a 50 kg explosive to the roof and blow a hole in the roof and wall. The squad then retreats back to Soviet lines, suffering 75% killed in action. The Finns then recapture the bunker temporarily.

Otherwise, the Soviet 7th and 13th Armies only mount demonstration attacks, not intended to capture ground but to soften the defenses.

Further north, the Finnish 9th Division maintains its grip on Soviet 54th Division near Kuhmo. A Siberian ski battalion under Colonel Vyatsheslav Dmitrievitsh Dolin attempts to make contact with the trapped men, who otherwise are completely forgotten by the Kremlin as the main effort shifts to the Karelian Isthmus.

Winter War Air Operations: The Soviets continue bombing Finnish cities, including Helsinki and Sortavala. The Finns claim to have shot down at least five Soviet planes.

Battle of the Atlantic: U-59 (Kapitänleutnant Harald Jürst) torpedoes and sinks 839-ton British tanker Creofield 20 miles East of Lowestoft, Suffolk, England. All 16 crew perish.

The U-59 also torpedoes and sinks 1,064-ton British freighter Portelet. There are 9 survivors and 2 perish.

British tanker Councillor hits a mine and sinks.

US light cruiser Helena, taking a shakedown cruise at Montevideo, Uruguay, sends a party to board the derelict Admiral Graf Spee and take photographs.

The French auxiliary patrol vessel FS Vaillant stops the US passenger liner Manhattan 25 miles south of Cape Vincent, Portugal. The Manhattan is ordered to proceed to Gibraltar.

Convoy OA 84 departs from Southend, while OB 84 departs from Liverpool.

Balkans: The Balkan Entente Conference officially begins. The ministers of Yugoslavia, Greece, Romania, and Turkey issue a statement expressing their desire for peace.

China: At the Battle of South Kwangsi, the Japanese capture Pinyang and Szelung and attack Wuning.

2 February 1940 Admiral Graf Spee 10.5 cm gun
Port 10.5 cm/65 twin mounting on Admiral Graf Spee. At lower right is a 15 cm/55 mounting. The photograph was taken on 2 February 1940 by Ensign Richard D. Sampson, USN. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 50959.

February 1940

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