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September 3, 1941: FDR Refuses to Meet with Japanese

Wednesday 3 September 1941

Soviet POWs captured during street fighting in the Ukraine on their way to German camps, 3 September 1941
Soviet POWs captured during street fighting in Ukraine on their way to German camps, 3 September 1941 (Deutsches Bundesarchiv/AP Photo).
US/Japanese Relations: The Japanese have been pressing for a summit meeting between Prince Konoye and President Roosevelt for weeks in the hope that this could lead to better relations between the two powers. After much hesitation and deliberation, on 3 September 1941. the Americans finally tell the Japanese that President Roosevelt will not agree to such a meeting.

This decision effectively scuttles settlement talks. The Japanese hold an emergency liaison conference where it is decided that:
if by the early part of October there is still no prospect of being able to obtain our demands, we shall immediately decide to open hostilities against the United States, Great Britain, and the Netherlands.
The Japanese fleet already is planning a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor under the direction of Admiral Yamamoto. However, there are many moderates in both governments - almost all outside of the military - who continue to hold out hopes for a peaceful resolution in the Pacific.

Army commander General Ernst Bush inspects anti-aircraft artillery,,3 September 1941
In Germany, 16th Army Commander Colonel-General Ernst Busch (later a field marshal) inspects an anti-aircraft gun position on September 3, 1941 (Photo credit: Deutsches Bundesarchiv / AP Photo).

September 1941

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