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December 20, 1924: Hitler Leaves Prison

December 20, 1924

Adolf Hitler Landsberg Prison
Adolf Hitler leaves Landsberg prison, still as defiant as ever.
Politics, Germany: Adolf Hitler leaves Landsberg Prison after nine months in custody due to the Beer Hall Putsch. During his stay, he dictated his manifesto, "Mein Kampf" ("My Struggles"), to fellow inmate Rudolf Hess. The book becomes an international bestseller, one of the most widely distributed books in history.

Adolf Hitler Landsberg Prison
Hitler (left) and Hess (second from right) in Landsberg prison. The others are, from left to right:  Emil Maurice (Hitler's chauffeur), Hermann Kriebel, and Friedrich Weber.


8-9 November 1923: Beer Hall Putsch

December 20, 1924: Hitler Leaves Prison

September 18, 1931: Geli Raubal Commits Suicide

November 8, 1932: Roosevelt is Elected

30 January 1933: Hitler Takes Office
February 27, 1933: Reichstag Fire
March 23, 1933: The Enabling Act

June 20, 1934: Hitler Plans the Night of the Long Knives
June 30, 1934: Night of the Long Knives

August 1, 1936: Opening of the Berlin Olympics

September 30, 1938: The Munich Agreement
November 9, 1938: Kristallnacht

August 1, 1939: Flight Tests of B-17 Flying Fortress
August 2, 1939: Einstein and the Atom Bomb
August 7, 1939: Goering Tries to Broker Peace
August 14, 1939: Hitler Decides To Attack Poland
August 15, 1939: U-Boats Put To Sea
August 16, 1939: Incident at Danzig
August 20, 1939: Battle of Khalkhin Gol
August 22, 1939: Hitler Tips His Hand
August 23, 1939: Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact
August 25, 1939: Hitler Postpones Invasion of Poland
August 27, 1939: First Jet Flight
August 31, 1939: The Gleiwitz Operation


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